About La Pachanga EDE

About La Pachanga EDE
Date Submitted: 06/08/2021 08:25 AM


La Pachanga EDE founded by Mr Franklong HV which is the organizer of a series of Latin events including pool parties, Latin beach festivals, international latin dance festivals, latin music festivals, dance shows… and other entertainment programs with the ultimate purpose of creating a community that shares a love and passion for the Latin dance and culture, within and outside of Vietnam, as well as creating a playground with fun and exciting activities, creating unforgettable moments for all attendees.


List of events, activities, festivals organized by La Pachanga EDE:


  1. #VLBF - Vietnam Latin Beach Festival: Annual domestic festival - To connect, honor and develop the latin dance community of Vietnam. The event is held annually at the most beautiful beaches along the coast from Vung Tau to Nha Trang. This is also an exciting summer vacation, a playground for all domestic and international participants with the same passion to experience tourism activities combined with hot latin dance parties in Vietnam. Save the date of #VLBF at the beginning of July every year.
  2. #PSSF - Phu Quoc Summer Salsa Fiesta: Annual Asia festival held in Phu Quoc island, Asia's leading tourist destination. Participants will not only be attracted by the island's heavenly beauty but also by unique international latin dances combined with an unforgettable vibrant weekend that we look forward to creating on this beautiful island. #PSSF at the end of October every year.
  3. #SISC - Saigon International Salsa Congress: Annual congress with an international scale held in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the biggest events gathering the leading Latin artists, dancers and performers (Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba) in the world. This will be an un-missable event for all the international visitors to Vietnam who share the same passion for latin dance, as a multi-color cultural exchange playground. An opportunity for the Vietnamese latin dance community in general and Saigon in particular to exchange and learn from international friends. Save the date for SISC festival in early May every year.
  4. #SLSD - Saigon Latin Street Dance: Monthly latin street dance activity on every first Monday night of the month (For details, please follow fanpage https://www.facebook.com/lapachangaEDE, To promote and introduce the street latin dances to the audiences to learn and enjoy together. The program is developed by La Pachanga EDE and volunteers who share the same passion to dedicate and share their knowledge and experience to contribute to the community in Saigon.
  5. Monday La Pachanga Night: "Social latin dancing" is a party that takes place weekly at a specially designed venue that converges all the vibrant, seductive and passionate Latino cultural and musical colors:

6.Sunset Pool / Boat Party: Latin party activities on the boat or at the pool to bring a vibrant and romantica sunset to our Latin dance enthusiasts. Enjoy this different and unique party only at La Pachanga EDE.

7.Saigon Year End & New Year Latin Party is an activity that takes place at the end of December or January every year to wrap up the old and welcome the new year in the Saigon latin dance community. A respectful invitation to all Saigon Latin dance schools and to all domestic and foreign friends staying in Vietnam sharing the same passion. Being together in the last moments of the old year and to welcome a new year with lots of joy, success and good health.


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